PLAY MODE® Is All Natural, made with 100% real fruit juice and no artificial sweeteners.

Our 20 ounce beverage is formulated with good for you sugars, like dextrose and Erythritol. Sugar alcohols, like Erythritol, non-GMO erythritol, it’s noncaloric and does not raise blood sugar levels. Dextrose is the fastest acting carbohydrate. Our proprietary levels of dextrose are easily used by the body and act like a vehicle, efficiently transporting minerals and electrolytes throughout the body.

What’s really amazing is our proprietary levels of Sea Salt and their functionality with our Infused antioxidants, sugar carbohydrates, trace minerals, and zinc gluconate. We don’t utilize regular table salt like other beverages that actually dehydrate the body and provides very little benefit. Our Sea salt is A true, unrefined sea salt that actually supports the human body in essential ways and can truly be an awesome health promoter. Our specific levels in our beverage provide the following benefits :

    • Rich in trace minerals.
    • Helps Avoid Dehydration and Balance Fluids.
    • Excellent Electrolyte Source.
    • Proper Brain, Muscle and Nervous System Function.
    • Digestive Health Aid.
    • Nutrient Enhancer.
    • Regulate the water content throughout your body.
    • Promote healthy pH balance in your cells (particularly your brain cells).
    • Promote blood sugar health and can help reduce the signs of aging.

    • Absorb food particles through your intestinal tract.
    • Support respiratory health.
    • Prevent muscle cramps.
    • Promote bone strength.
    • Regulate your sleep.
    • Support your libido.
    • Promote vascular health.
    • Regulates your blood pressure with sufficient water and potassium intake.

Whats Inside

  • Antioxidants

    Benefits the body by neutralizing and removing the free radicals from the bloodstream.

  • Erythritol

    Low-calorie sweetener known as sugar alcohol

  • Milk Thistle

    A popular remedy for a hangover due to its history to help protect the liver from damage.

  • Sea Salt

    Promote healthy pH balance in your cells (particularly your brain cells).

The First Ready To Drink 20oz. Hydration Recovery Beverage That Can Be Consumed With Alcoholic Drinks.

A new 20oz. beverage that assists the body with hydration and recovery benefits while celebrating with alcoholic drinks. We all need to replenish our body’s lost water and electrolytes in order to rehydrate and recover quickly. PLAY MODE is made with the essential ingredients and effective levels that help promote rapid fluid and mineral absorption in the small intestine. Other Leading beverages are often too high in bad sugars and too low in minerals, which can result in a bloated feeling. A side effect of too much fluid left in the small intestine causing further dehydration. With PLAY MODE you feel re-hydrated with the effective levels of vital nutrients, without the uncomfortable bloated feeling. PLAY MODE is a great tasting new way to stay hydrated and socially active with alcoholic drinks or alone.

Many people think dehydration is caused by not drinking enough water. In fact, dehydration is caused when our bodies lose fluid and electrolytes. Electrolytes are salts and minerals that regulate fluid balance and are essential to almost every major biochemical reaction in our bodies.

It might surprise you to learn that our bodies need salt for proper hydration; most of us believe that salt is bad for us, or even causes dehydration. However, salt is what pulls fluids out of our gut and into our bloodstream, activating hydration. Mass market hydration drinks found in every store in the United States do not contain enough salt to be medically relevant.

Of course it’s important to stay hydrated while we exercise or when it’s really hot. Other well-known causes of dehydration include diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and of course the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Our bodies are constantly losing fluids, in extreme (hot and cold) climates, during air travel, when we take prescription drugs or exercise supplements, carbohydrate-free diets, menstruation, pregnancy…the list goes on and on. It’s no wonder so many of us are moderately to severly dehydrated daily!

Stay in the game by hydrating with PLAY MODE. Whether your celebrating, traveling, or an active fitness person, PLAY MODE allows you to keep going by replenishing your body with our effective drink composition. PLAY MODE can be consumed with alcoholic drinks or it can be consumed alone, so you and your friends can stay and play.