The future of celebrating starts today!!

The first 20 oz. “ready to drink” hydration recovery beverage that can be mixed with alcohol or consumed alone for severe dehydration. PLAY MODE® is not a dietary supplement, not a specialty water, not a sports drink, not a hangover supplement, and not just a juice.

PLAY MODE® was formulated to replenish lost body fluid and provide a powerful functionality with alcohol.

PLAY MODE® Beverage was in formulation for over 2 years to balance its functionality with alcohol, its health benefits, and its ability to taste great.

Not an easy task. Goal Accomplished!!

Our FDA approved trade secret formula allows today’s consumers the ability to “Hydrate While You Celebrate®”

We combined a great taste, healthier alternative, and the versatility to be mixed in cocktails.

How it works !! The science behind PLAY MODE® Is its proprietary composition. We spent more time on perfecting the functionality of better for you ingredients that still work inside the body while consuming alcohol. Knowing the impact of alcohol in the body created the foundation for our formula.

When do I drink PLAY MODE®?

PLAY MODE® was formulated to replenish lost body fluid for the active socialite or business traveler for severe dehydration. You can drink it when you see fit. The PLAY MODE® routine allows you to drink whenever and wherever:

    • Before

      Pre party or pre plan with PLAY MODE® and drink it alone before heading out for the day or night.

    • During

      My Favotite and our niche. Celebrate with PLAY MODE® as a new age mixer and be amazed by its great taste and functionality with alcohol.

    • After

      If you can remember, drink PLAY MODE® after your busy day and enjoy before bedtime.

What’s important is that you’re utilizing a healthier hydration / recovery option, that is the first of its kind to work alone or with alcohol. Think of it as pedialyte for adults that has a fun functionality alone and when mixed with alcohol.

A New Beverage That Provides More Than Just Hangover Cures When Consumed With Alcohol.

Continue your busy social life without the ups and downs of leading energy drinks, sports drinks, and hangover cures. Enjoy your favorite cocktail with our new functional beverage and experience a great tasting new way to stay hydrated and stay socially active.

There are so many energy drinks and hangover cures that saturate the market today. These drinks often combine high sugars and extreme levels of caffeine and taurine that create severe dehydration and energy crashes. PLAY MODE is a new 20oz. beverage that hydrates and recovers your body with our unique drink composition that can be consumed with alcohol.

PLAY MODE is a 20 ounce “Ready To Drink” beverage and not a small dietary supplement hangover cure as you see in stores today. Hangover cures focus on the “headache remedy” aspect from alcohol consumption. The body needs more than just a headache remedy to effectively replenish lost body fluid during dehydration from alcohol.

PLAY MODE is formulated with the effective levels of all electrolytes like sodium and potassium, as well as effective carbohydrates, and other added ingredients that promote hydration and recovery to the body.

PLAY MODE is a new effective alternative to energy drinks and hangover cures that can be consumed alone or with alcohol to replenish your body so you and your friends can stay and play.